Exploring the Word Tree

I must admit that sometimes when I am vetting out a visualization in Dex, I get lost and mesmerized by the data. Such was the case with the Word Tree; especially when loaded with extremely poignant datasets such as the Ghettysburg Address and a timeline of World War I. I’d like to share some of it here.


While I probably wouldn’t admit it around the campfire with my buddies. I have always been moved by certain poetry.

Edgar Alan Poe

In a world where we slaughter the language with social media attempting to coin new nonsensical phrases such as “fleek and peeps”, I find Edgar Alan Poe’s ability to summon dark imagery with words and sentence construction from a bygone era to be refreshing.

The Raven

Annabel Lee

Historical Events

The Ghettysburg Address

On November 19, 1863, at the dedication of a military cemetary at Ghettysburg, Pennsylvania, during the Amarican Civil war. Abraham Lincoln delivers one of the most memorable speeches in American history – consisting of only 7 sentences and 272 words. It’s amazing.

World War I Timeline

I wanted to look at the extensive World War I timeline. After 30 minutes of simply getting lost in the events and fascinated exploration; I felt compelled to share it with everyone else.


OJ Simpson Trial

Lastly, here is a word tree analysis of the timeline of the OJ Simpson trial.

Finishing up

I hope you like the Word Tree visualization as much as I do.

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