Dex 0.9 Released

The release for Dex 0.9 can be found here. To reduce my personal bandwidth charges, I’ll be posting the releases to github. Starting with version 0.9, you will be able to access the releases there, or by clicking the Release section on the top navbar of the screen.

Release Nodes

I’ve been focused on shoring up the foundation project dex.js for the past few months, so its been awhile since I had a new release of Dex. This release is mainly focused on synchronizing Dex with the current capabilities of dex.js and refactoring some of the previous capabilities.

Some highlights include:

Dex Support

The old Dex blog will remain, however, new blog entries will occur here. I will probably not be porting content.

Code for Dex is on github.

The sister project dex.js has it’s own site and it’s own blog.

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