College Football Schedule

Playing around, I decided to the entire college football schedule into a dengrogram multiples visualization in Dex and thought I would share the results. We’re visualizing the schedules for 124 different teams – cool stuff.

Each multiple is fully interactive. They can be shuffled around, resized and individual dendrograms are also collapsible and expandable. No programming, and it took abound 2 minutes to build from start to finish.


Click on the below image to go to an interactive version:

Football Multiples

Project Breakdown

Within Dex, the project looks like this:

Football Multiples Project]

Task Breakdown

  1. Read CSV - Read the dataset
  2. Select Columns - Select our 3 columns, Institution, opponent and location (away, home, neutral)
  3. Visualize with Dendrogram Multiples

Side Notes

I am starting to become a big believer in the power of multiples as an effective visualization tool. I hope that folks find these new capabilities to be useful as well.

That’s it for now…

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