Dex Released

I have released Dex today. Don’t let the small bump in revision fool you. It’s chock full of changes.

Here are some of the highlights:

CLI Support

Dex now ships with a copy of Monocle.jar. If you put this into the ext directory of the distribution of Java which is used to execute Dex, you will gain access to the ability to run Dex flows from the command line.

I will go more into the details of how to do this in a subsequent post, but this is a huge new capability that will allow you to create flows which do things like:

Basically, we allow Dex to run in a headless mode, and the direction will be to have tasks which support relevant activities in this mode.

To run in headless mode, simply:

java -cp Dex.jar com.dexvis.dex.DexCLI -p <project file>

I will be adding a bunch of examples of this mode in the near future.

New Configuration

I have replaced the previous chart configuration mechanism with something which allows for greater control with a more intuitive interface. The support is limited to dexjs controls at present, but I am working hard to expand this.


A ton of new multiples are now supported. Multiples is actually simply a container around normal chart types, so there will be much more to come here.

New charts

I’ve worked on many new charts, I will continue to cull and reimplement and work to make existing charts “do the right thing”, no matter what you throw at it.

Bug fixes

Add one, create two more…such is the life of software development. I have, however, addressed every issue posted on github. Find a bug, report it on github and I will respond.

Wrapping up

That’s it for now, with more point releases to come in the near future.

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